Thomas the Turkey

What? A NEW Thanksgiving tradition? YES Thomas the Turkey is just that book. Take a look and please help Thomas the Turkey retrace all his steps. And see if you can find all of his feathers in time for Thanksgiving dinner.


“Thanks for writing such a delightful book.  I think that the feather  hunt makes the book even more fun to read. And the child may associate  fun with reading. – David Newell (who played Mr. McFeely on Mr. Rogers

Neighborhood)  quote about Thomas the Turkey”


Ronnie’s Pool

Ronnie was always a very curious little rabbit. He wondered how things worked. He wondered how things grew. He wondered what he could do!

















The Boy of Joy

The Boy of Joy is a story about a close family friend who sadly lost their youngest brother. Although the sadness is difficult to deal with, the whole family slowly finds ways of coping by doing things they love and connecting to nature.












Little Palm

Do you like books? Do you like art? Do you like fun? Little Palm is an uplifting story about celebrating Earth Day with some creative flair.


Spot the Spot

Spot the Spot is a super fun game for learning colors, listening to directions, and taking action. Maren and Ivy love creating fun activities so their friends can use their imaginations and stay active.

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Little Bird Bakes

Follow the story of a little bird who bakes, creates and decorates cake.

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Peace in War

When I look around and I don’t see a flower to be found, I turn inward and make a flower in my mind. I keep this thought and look for the peace amongst the war.

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PH Thomas the Turkey by Lindsay Ann Fink – 90 sec

How children’s books can help benefit kids for life

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Since long before the pandemic, parents have been trying to find ways to keep kids engaged without the need of a screen.

A long-time educator and now children’s book author is offering insightful options geared towards helping kids reach their full potential.

Children’s author and former San Diego County resident Lindsay Ann Fink joined KUSI’s Hunter Sowards to discuss further details.

Fink described helping reluctant kids read more by making a routine of it, which doesn’t’ always have to be at bedtime.

Learn more about Fink’s books on her website.

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